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The No Fail 3 Ultimate Side Hustle For You

The 3 ultimate side hustle for you 2022

Here are the selected side hustle picked among others for you ,that you can try out for the last six month of the year 2022. If you are willing or you want to change your story before the end of the year .

Side hustle 2022

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A side hustle can increase your monthly income significantly with a time commitment of just a few hours a week. It can also support you with extra money when unexpected work circumstances arise.

What is side hustle?

Side hustle is a job or occupation that brings in extra money beyond one’s regular job and main source of income. You can make up to $1000, $2000 ,$3000 even $100,000 within a month it depends. On how hungry you are to be successful that makes the difference .

Is it Possible to Earn More Money with a Side Hustle?

Not only is it possible to make extra money with a side hustle, but doing so can be a way to stay ahead of inflation and add an additional 10%, 20% or 30% to your monthly income outside of your full time job.

Here are three popular approaches that work to consider Before the last six months of the year .If you want to have multiple streams of income with less stress, you can do it on the internet.

The possibility is endless, it depend on youThere are so many ways to earn money online legitimately. However, we do not advocate making money fast illegitimately.

Here are 3 side hustle ideas that are popular now, along with stories from people who are using them to make extra money every month.

1.YouTube channel

A US base airlines flight attendant David Dilworth has a fitness base YouTube channel that brings $3000 a month with other varieties of revenue streams.

Make money with YouTube

started a YouTube channel in March of 2020 when COVID got real in the United States,” . It even makes him money while he’s in the air for his day job.

YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. It can make you rich and it can also make you a star!You can record and publish videos that educate viewers on a certain topic, create reaction videos, or vlog your life.

Start a YouTube account and make videos about your passion.You can make videos about anything. You can talk about anything.Create content about your business. If having a creative outlet appeals to you, consider creating content and publishing it on a platform like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram to grow an audience and eventually pursue additional income streams.

Online platforms can be a great way to make extra cash and relieve financial stress.Just upload them to YouTube and share them across your social network,be consistent about your post, never compromise on quality and also take a step to understand your audiences.

How do I make money with a YouTube channel?

Ad revenue is the most obvious way to make money on YouTube. YouTube is half the internet: that’s 1.9 billion users logging in every month. But at the same time, 500 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

So you already know this article is not going to be about how easy it is to buy a Swiss watch with the ad revenue from your YouTube views.

Follow the step below to get started

Step 1: Start a YouTube channel

Step 2: Make your channel successful enough that it meets the YouTube Partner Program requirementsTo join the program, you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

Step 3 Setting up an AdSense account is simple. Just follow YouTube’s official guide to AdSense accounts.

Step 4: Explore your new monetization features Note Each monetization channel has different eligibility requirements.

Step 5: Submit to ongoing reviews As a YouTube Partner, your channel will be held to a higher standard, according to YouTube. You have to follow not just the YouTube Partner Program policies, but the Community Guidelines. Not to mention staying on the right side of copyright law.


Affiliate program is a method of making money online by promoting other people’s service/products and getting paid.Affiliate marketing is one of the most

Make money with affiliate

Affiliate program is one of the most popular side hustle ways to make money online. It allows you to add a steady income stream to satisfy your desired lifestyle.In affiliate program there is less risk for the advertiser, affiliate programs pay out much higher commissions to publishers compared to Google AdSense or others.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

First, you need to make sure that you are using the right blogging platform, and that you are allowed to run affiliate marketing campaigns on your website.

If you haven’t created a website already, then you can get started right away. Simply follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide on how to publish a website, and guid on how to start blog, you’ll be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Finding Affiliate Products and Services to Promote.

There are many ways to find products and companies that you can partner up with as an affiliate. Here are some of the easiest ways to find the products you can promote.

Become an affiliate for products you already use

First, you need to look at the products and services that you already use and find useful. This makes it easy for you to convince your users about the product since you already know the pros and cons.

Look for products other blogs are recommending

Another way to find products is by looking at other blogs similar to yours. You will be able to find many similar blogs that are using affiliate marketing to make money.

Join bigger affiliate networks

Another way to find products to promote is by joining affiliate networks. These websites act as a middleman between affiliate marketers and merchants.

4. Reach out to companies

Ipf you really want to promote a product but can’t find any information about their affiliate program, then you can simply ask them via email.


Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dive into some more tips on how to actually make money from affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is a very reliable way to make money online.

If you are good with marketing or you are a good salesperson, you should consider this.All you need to do is find an affiliate network and join. Then pick products to promote. You can promote them on your Facebook, Instagram, any other social media, or blog.

Your commission depends on your sales. For instance you pick a product of $100 and the commission is 50%, that means when you make a sale you get $50, if you now make 10sales your commission will be $5000 and so on.Examples of affiliate networks you can join (Expertnaire , click bank, jumia affiliate, AliExpress, Amazon affiliate and many others)etc.


Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s publishing platform that allows independent authors to access readers around the world, without going through a traditional press. In a matter of hours, anybody can create an author account, upload their book files, and sell their book through Amazon — all without any setup cost.

Make money with kdp

It’s the most accessible platform for self-publishing authors.If you’re not an author yourself or you don’t have time to create content, you can hire professional freelancers to do it for you. Your main task is to identify what will sell on Amazon and generate sales by optimizing your listings and digital products.

What’s one of the biggest advantages of selling products on Amazon KDP?

You can effectively grow your ecommerce sales without worrying about your stock or delivering physical goods. This is extra important during times of pandemics and lockdowns.


Amazon KDP can be an extra revenue generator and a source of passive income, not only for authors. It can also be profitable for marketplace sellers already selling physical products and considering diversifying their online business with digital products.

How much does it cost to publish on Amazon KDP?Publishing on Amazon KDP is free. No charge to upload the file and no shipping costs or hidden fees.Authors get royalties of 35% to 70% of the sale price (for prices $2.99 – $9.99, Amazon gives you 70% and takes 30%, for other prices you get 35% royalties.

Best sellers on Amazon KDP

  • Frontline workers niche
  • Entrepreneurship/Small business niche
  • Personal development niche
  • Holiday niche
  • Gaming niche
  • Food/Baking/Cooking niches
  • Crafting niche
  • Lovers niches etc.

How do I make money with Amazon KDP ?

Making money with Amazon KDP PROGRAM side hustle, you will have to set up an account with the Amazon KDP . Setting up an account is very easy and free.

Research And Identify A topic

The first step towards earning with Amazon publishing is identifying a topic that people are interested in. Of course, the best way to identify topics that people are already interested in is by researching.

Format Your Book

Formatting is an integral aspect of amazon publishing on the KDP platform. Amazon has some stringent formatting rules that you must follow if you want to get approval for publishing.Design

Design A Cover

Design is critical to your success or failure on amazon publishing because most people will first see your book cover before they have the opportunity to read your book. Therefore, you must ensure that you design your book cover to attract people’s attention.


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Online Money making in Nigeria

10 Easy Way To Make Money Online In Nigeria (2022).

Want to make money online, but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Many Nigerians that loves taking advantage have make money online using one or two of this method to skyrocket there financial life.

DataReportal claims that from 2020 to 2021, the number of Nigerian internet users grew by 22% according to vanguard report .

Make money online

The truth is, these proven methods is a source of income for people who took the opportunity to learn and master how to earn money Online legitimately.

Table of Contents

10 Easy way to make money online in Nigeria

There are many reasons that you should consider when thinking of making money online,you can make money online as a student, to take care of yourself while in school.

If you are already employed you can make online cashout has your side hustle, you can also become your own boss on the internet legitimately.

If you want to have multiple streams of income with less stress, you can do it on the internet. The possibility is endless, it depend on you.

There are so many ways to earn money online legitimately.

examples are YouTube monetization, affiliate marketing, dropshipping business, instagram monetization, selling services, becoming a virtual assistant, blogging and so on.

However, we do not advocate making money fast illegitimately.

Here are the 10 Easy way to make money online.

1. YouTube Monetization

YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. . It can make you rich and it can also make you a star!

YouTube videos

Start a YouTube account and make videos about your passion.You can make videos about anything. You can talk about anything.Create content about your business.

Just upload them to YouTube and share them across your social network,be consistent about your post, never compromise on quality and also take a step to understand your audiences.

Monetization-: Before you can start monetizing with Google Adsense,which is always the Major focus, you will have a certain watch hours and subscribers on your channel.

There are several other ways you can monetize from your YouTube channel examples are become a brand affiliate, products promotion, create a membership channels,make a Sponsored Content and other methods to make money from your videos.

Am sure you have heard of broda shaggy comedy and Emmanuela who became YouTube stars and millionaires. That is the power of YouTube.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money online by promoting other peoples service/products and get paid.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very reliable way to make money online. If you are good with marketing or you are a good salesperson, you should consider this.

If you have charisma and you are the type of person that is good with conversation, you should seriously think about affiliate marketing.

Making money online through affiliate marketing is the best for beginners to earn money in the online world.

Affiliate marketing is all about recommending products/ service to people online, if they buy through you, you get a commission.

Monetization-: All you need to do is find an affiliate network and join. Then pick products to promote. You can promote them on your Facebook, Instagram, any other social media, or blog.

Your commission depends on your sales for instance you pick a product of #10000 and the commission is 50%, that means when you make a sales you get #5000, if you now make 10sales your commission will be #50000 and so on.

Examples of affiliate network you can join ( Expertnaire , click bank, jumia affiliate, AliExpress, and many others etc.

3. Blogging

Blogging is one of most opportunity to make money online in Nigeria. This is one of the best and online business in Nigeria and anyone can do it.

make money blogging

Blogging is all about sharing information online for people to read, It could be about anything. From news, politics, sports, animals, jokes, local stories, anything at all. It can be about your business,You can start a blog about anything

The wonderful thing about blogging is that if you work hard and build your blog, you will be making money while you sleep.

Creating a blog is very easy. If you are ready to get started now, we will guide you step by step Go here: easy step how to start a blog.Once you start a blog, you get traffic to your blog. Then you can use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other methods to make money from your blog.

Monetization-: Once you start a blog, you get traffic to your blog. Then you can use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other methods to make money from your blog.Read more how to make money blogging.

4. Freelancing

freelancing is an online way of making money legitimately, working has a freelancer give you an opportunity to determine your value .


Freelancing is all about applying your skills or helping people to do there work applying your knowledge of skills. If you are looking at ways to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime, then this should be a suitable option.

Freelancing job is where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company.Has a freelancer, you work from the comfort of your home. All you need is your computer and internet. It is a very big industry worth billions of dollars.

Monetization-: How to monetize,All you need is your skills and talent. You could be a writer, website designer, programmer, graphic designer, typist, proofreader, any skill at all. Just register with a freelancing website. You will find people that are looking for your skills. Apply and you may get the work. Examples not freelancing website are fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, peopleperhour. etc.

5. E-commerce

The richest man Jeff Bezos is into the eCommerce business. Am sure you have heard of Amazon, he owns that.Do I need to talk more about e-commerce before you know what can happen if you jump into it.


E-commerce is about buying and selling products online, it’s also the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

You can create your own online store and sell products online. You can also make use of third party website to create a store for your business online . Examples of e-commerce website ( jumia, Konga, jiji, AliExpress ) You could be the next richest person in your city,if you are determined.

Monetization-:Before you can monetize in e-commerce you will create an online store that is integrated with payment options .You advertise or share your product links across your social media platforms, people that are interested in your product will connect with you and buy from you and you deliver the product.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Social media marketing
social media

The truth is, almost everyone now spend more of their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This has opened up much more of new opportunities for businesses to reach people and make more sales.

To be a social media marketer, you need to understand the algorithm of various social media platform and how you can use them to convert for businesses.

Monetization-: Has a social Media marketer, that knows in and out of various social platforms.You can create an account with freelancing website creating social Media marketer gig, business owners that needs your service will contact you to do job for them and you will get payed. You can also meet local businesses owners, explain how powerful social media can be for there businesses,with that you can help them advertise there products,and get payed.

7. Create An Online Course

Online courses is all about creating a content or give comprehensive lecture about what you know in other to teach other people new skills and strategies using online myth be inform of video or writing (blueprint).

If you are creating online course always make sure you give details about the lecture and should be self explanatory to your audience.

Online courses
Online courses

Monetization-: How to monetize online courses is by creating your course or buy an affiliate link of online course,and start promoting the course and you get commission from the number of sales you get.

8. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is form of an e-commerce business whereby you sourced for a winning product from a wholesales e-commerce website, you advertise it,ones you get a buyer you fulfill the delivery using the wholesales e-commerce website platform you source the product from,with a reasonable profit margin of your choice.


Dropshipping is an online business that many people have from there become millionaire,its almost 99% risk free, because you dnt need to buy products before you sale only buy the product when you see customer that needs it or already bought the product.

Monetization-: monetizing Dropshipping you will need an e-commerce websites where you can source for product and where to display the product you which to sell, you can also make use of third parties platform for your product display.example are Jumia,, Amazon etc. The eCommerce website to source for product examples are AliExpress, Alibaba, CJ Dropshipping etc.

9. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is still on the rise. After Bitcoin burst into the scene, a lot of other Cryptocurrencies have emerged. Gradually, many businesses are accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

There are opinions that it will someday replace the money we have now. Whether that is true or not, you should consider investing and making money from Cryptocurrency.

Monetization-:All you need is to study and understand the market. Buy when it is low and sell when it is high. There are many ways you can make money with Cryptocurrency.

10.Trade Forex and binary options

binary optionsForex is all about currency exchange. You can make good money dealing with forex. As long as the world does not use one currency, Forex will continue to be a big income stream.

Binary options is like forex trading but easier. You have options, basically, to predict if the price of a particular currency or commodity will go up or come down.

Monetization-:You can make money from it.With a platform like Deriv, you can trade forex and Binary Options easily by signing up witfored h them .

hope this article helps you on how to make money online and gives you a better insight on how to take advantage of online space.

If after reading and you still don’t understand how you can do social media marketing or how to start online store read and implement to make money online,

search engine



Are you looking for a list of search engines that you can use has an alternate to Google? Even though if Google has take the lead of the race.

Today, there are several alternative web search engines that can provide quality results like Google. Some of them are region-specific, and some are accessible to a global audience.

However, the search functionalities of the top search engines remain the same.

top search engines

How do Search Engines work?

Search engines have three primary functions:

  • Crawl: Explore the Internet for content on each URL they find.
  • Index: Store and organize the content found during the crawling process.
  • Rank: Display content that will best answer a searcher’s query, ranked by most relevant to least relevant.

1. Google.

Google still remains the top search engine in 2022, having more than 90% of the global search market share.

Google search engine cut above all the other competitors in the search engine landscape when it comes to user engagement.That is the most reasons why Google has crowned the title the “most used search engine.”

Google search

Fetching the most relevant results in algorithm, and unmatched personalized user experience is the major factor for Google success above other search engines.

There are also some demerits in Google search.

Think about Google’s in the early days, Google are more focus on keeping the users happy.

Google SERP Features such as Ads, Knowledge Graph, Snippets, Map Pack, etc., have taken up prime positions on the SERP, leaving no chance for websites to get the same visibility as before.

The monetization of user data on a massive scale caused a persona shift for Google as an advertising platform.The more personalization you prefer, the more user data Google will collect from you.

So, if you’re concerned about privacy, Google is not the search engine for you, at least in 2022.

2. Microsoft Bing.

Microsoft Bing is the second most visited search engine in the world (at least in 2020).The hype around it ends soon after you realize that it owns just 2.39% of the total market share.

microsoft bing

Microsoft Bing is one of the best search engine alternatives out there that can compete against Google’s megalomania – a true alternative search engine.

Bing uses its own algorithm for crawling and indexing purposes, which makes the SERP entirely different from what a Google search provides.In addition to this, the homepage of Microsoft Bing is much trendier with dynamic background images, unlike the plain white offered in Google.

But, the question here is, do people really care?When it comes to SERP features offered by Bing, there are a few areas where it beats Google.

  1. Local Search Results: The local search results in Bing are highly customizable and very pleasing to the eyes
  2. Image Search: Bing Image Search is way more advanced and organized than what you can find on Google.
  3. Video Search: Interestingly, videos that are displayed on Bing are mostly from YouTube, which is owned by Google.
  4. Links vs Content: It is well-known that Bing algorithms are more focused on finding and showcasing quality than counting the number of links.

According to recent figures, these features have helped Bing acquire a larger share of the search market in the US.which is an indication of the Microsoft-owned search engine making steady progress. Bing market share: 2.73%

The market share of Yahoo came down from 36.7% in 2001 to 1.64% in 2020.The search engine is now powered by Bing, which essentially means Yahoo gives the same results that Bing displays.

Yahoo search

Yahoo was the first search engine that inspired and realize the possibilities of the search.

During the initial days, Yahoo worked more like a search directory that required manual entry of the information. 

In 2001, Yahoo collaborates with Inktomi to share its searchable index and then later with Google in 2002.

Interestingly, Yahoo never had its own index until it purchased Overture Services, Inc. in 2003, which owned the AlltheWeb and AltaVista search engines by then.

Adding to this, Yahoo was using the Google Search Platform until 2003, which was when it discovered the latter to be a growing threat. 

To be frank, Yahoo! seems to have given up the race to become one of the Google alternative search engines.

Yahoo market share: 1.47%.

4. Baidu

Baidu is the top search engine for Chinese citizens since when the government of China has put an indefinite blockade, popularly known as the Great Firewall, on all Google services.

Baidu was founded by Robin Li in China, Baidu has a lot of similarities with Google.


Currently, Baidu has a market share of 63.56% in China, beating Google and other Chinese search engines such as Sogou and Shenma by miles.However, Alibaba is putting in a tough fight with Baidu for product related search market.

Baidu has been emulating Google, not only with the principle of providing quality search results but also services and features that matter to the users.

Like Google, Baidu also has a minimalistic homepage. But unlike Google during its formative years, Baidu was selling its space for ads as early as 2004.

In addition to this, Baidu is also into AI and voice-assisted search.

As of 2019, Baidu performs an average of 2.37 billion voice searches per month, thanks to the popularity of its DuerOS voice assistant. It also has 1.1 billion global mobile users and more than 90% of internet users in China rely on Baidu.According to the latest figures, Baidu has 174 million daily active users and has already become the Google alternative search engine in China.

Baidu market share: 1.08%.

5. Yandex

They named it Yet Another Indexer, which later came to be known as Yandex. Looking at history, Yandex was the first search engine that was monetized to sell ads.


Yandex is the Russian counterpart to Google has baidu became counterpart in Chinese and going by age, Yandex is much older than Google.

They named it Yet Another Indexer, which later came to be known as Yandex.The founders of Yandex – Arkady Volozh and Arkady Borkovsky, came up with the idea of a web search engine software back in 1993.

They started delivering contextual advertisements on the search engine results page in 1998, two years ahead of Google.

Yandex is in very close competition with Google when it comes to the market share.

The Russian Search engine market share is spread more or less equally between Google and Yandex. Till July 2019, Yandex had a clear win over Google in Russia.

Since Google decided to penetrate the Russian search industry, Yandex has been facing intense competition. The other competitors, such as the Mail.Ru search engine, are almost obliterated by the competition between the two giants.

Yandex market share: 0.44%.

6. DuckduckGo

Founded by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008, DuckDuckGo has earned itself a name as a non-profit search engine.


DuckDuckGo has several features including maps, weather, news, images, videos, local business answers, products and shopping, flight information, calculator, sports score, currency conversion and much more.

This search engine also offers language and region localization, customizable themes and shortcut commands that can take you to other websites directly.

The search engine also has apps and extensions that allow you to use browsers like Chrome and Safari without being tracked.

DuckduckGo doesn’t collect your data, and as a result, the search results remain the same for you and your friends.

Not like Google search engine that gives personalized search engine experience to take advantage of users personal data.

Currently, DuckDuckGo has 172 employees, and they are focused more on giving users organic results than personalized ads.

The way DuckDuckGo is progressing makes us think about the humble beginnings of Google.Over the years, DuckDuckGo has grown at a steady pace. In January 2022, this privacy-focused search engine completed 100 billion searches. The Twitter account of the search engine thanked its users for the 100 billion all-time private searches.

The reason behind this increased popularity is the growing concern over privacy. Because of this, enterprises like Google and Apple had to block third-party cookies from tracking the users. Privacy has been the primary focus of DuckDuckGo from the start, and it is because of this that they have managed to reach this milestone.

Even though DuckDuckGo still has miles to go before it can challenge Google, it is gradually closing on other popular search engines like Yahoo! and Bing.

7. Naver


Naver is a South Korean online platform that developed its own search engine in 1999.It was the world’first operator to introduce comprehensive search features, such as compiling search results from various categories and listing them on a single page. Naver has introduced a range of new services over the years, starting from news and email to a Q&A platform. Naver is frequently referred to as ‘the Google of South Korea’.

8. Seznam


Seznam is a web portal and search engine in the Czech Republic.It was founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič as the first web portal in the Czech Republic.

9. Ask is a question-answering-based search engine that started in 1996.

It was founded by Garret Gruener and David Warthen.

Ask was previously known as Ask Jeeves, but the name was changed in 2006. It lets users see the preview of a web page before they click it, unlike other search engines.

Headquartered in Oakland, California, is currently owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC) under the NASDAQ symbol NASDAQ: IAC

10. AOL

AOL is an American web portal based in New York. It was one of the earliest pioneers of the internet in the mid-1990s.


AOL maintains its own search engine site, called AOL Search, which was revamped and launched on January 20th, 2005.AOL Search engine provides users with access to the web, image, multimedia, shopping, news, and local search results.

This page focuses mainly on the web results AOL Search provides.When displaying results from a search, AOL breaks the page down into the following order from top to bottom: Two search bars (top and bottom of the page), Snapshots (if applicable), Sponsored Links, Matching Sites, and Product Results.

There are several web search engine alternatives in the market that can provide quality results like Google, you can explore Some of them are region-specific, and some are accessible to a global audience.

Several examples-: ccsearch, Yippy search, gibiru, Amazon, start page etc

Hope this article help you to discover other alternatives of Google search you can explore. You may also want to see different between Inbound and Outbound marketing, and ways to make money blogging.


Visual contents concept. Social networking service. Streaming video. communication network.

Clear Difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing in 2022

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing in 2022

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing 2022 ,

Is something that is very important to talk about when talking about Marketing in present days.

Table of Contents

So, what’s the difference between inbound and outbound marketing in 2022?

Most marketers always make mentioned of how they generate leads and fill the top of their sales funnel, from outbound marketing.

However, a lot of innovative and successful businesses owners and marketers are actually embracing the art of inbound marketing.

1. What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy where you create content or social media tactics that spread brand awareness so people learn about you.

Inbound marketing is also refer to a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.

They might go to your website for information, show interest in your product, and potentially make a purchase.

What Is the Inbound Methodology

The inbound methodology is the method of marketing whereby you grow your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with your consumers, prospects, and customers.

It’s based on empowering these people to reach their goals in their journey with you.

Why? Because when your customers succeed, you succeed.The inbound methodology can be applied in three ways:

  • ATTRACT– Drawing in the right people with valuable content and conversations that establish you as a trusted person with whom they want to flow with
  • ENGAGE– Presenting insights and solutions that align with their pain points and goals so they are more likely to buy from you.
  • DELIGHT– Providing help and support to empower your customers to find success with their purchase.

When customers find success and share that success with others, it attracts new prospects to your organization, creating a self-sustaining loop. This is how your organization builds momentum, and this is why the inbound methodology serves as a strong foundation for your flywheel.

For example, in the attract phase, marketing will likely play the biggest role by doing things like blogging, event marketing, and running paid ads, but your sales team can also add force by engaging in social selling, and your customer service team can add force by making it easier for current customers to make referrals.Once you attain enough customers and engage and delight them, they can keep your flywheel spinning by promoting your organization and bringing new customers to you. Over time, your flywheel allows you to grow without continually investing in customer acquisition.

2. What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is a traditional method of marketing whereby marketers push out messages to potential customers. Outbound marketing includes activities such as trade shows, seminar series, and cold calling. It is costly and the ROI is much lower than inbound marketing.

Outbound marketing techniques are getting less and less effective over time for two reasons.

First -The average human today is inundated with at least 2,000 outbound marketing interruptions per day and is figuring out more and more creative ways to block them out, including ad blocker browser extensions, caller ID, email spam filtering, and more.

Second- The cost of learning something new or shopping online using search engines, blogs, and social media is now much lower than going to a seminar at the Marriott or flying to a trade show in Las Vegas.

For example in the present days Outbound promotional messages sent to individuals are more than what it use to be before, marketers find it has easier way of reaching multiple people at ones regardless the interest and individual is figuring out more creative ways to block the unwanted messages out.

Different between Inbound and Outbound marketing in 2022

Inbound marketing is a strategy where you create content or social media tactics that spread brand awareness so people learn about you. while Outbound marketing is a old traditional way of creating seminars and sending out bulk messages to the public

Outbound strategies take lots of time and effort and may yield no leads, inbound strategies allow you to engage an audience of people that you can more easily qualify as a prospect of lead.

In inbound marketing you write to attract interested readers or consumers that are likely to turn to customers at a long run,in inbound marketing you writer based on interest of your prospects consumers. In Outbound marketing you only write regardless the interest of the readers or consumers.they content are mostly for products.

Inbound marketing Natural habitat: blogs, social media, opt-in emails, seo, influencer marketing etc. Outbound marketing Natural habitat: display ads, billboards, telemarketer scripts, magazines, TV ads etc.


Today’s marketing landscape, many companies and individuals marketers employs a combination of a brilliant inbound strategy to reach prospects that are more interested in there content and uses outbound strategies to lock the leads generated from the inbound strategy for retargeting. In most cases the ROI of inbound marketing is more than that of outbound.

Hope this article help you to learn the difference between inbound and outbound marketing.You may also want to see Beginner guid on internet marketing, and how to create a landing page with WordPres.

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What is a Stock Image Website?

stock images
Stock images are photos that are already captured, edited, and available for use. There are two types of stock images: photos that require you to pay a licensing fee and images that are free to use (aka. royalty free images).

The majority of images which you can source from stock image websites are royalty free, which means that you can use them anywhere without having to credit anybody. When you use stock images, you can also edit them to your liking and even distribute them in marketing campaigns — they’re perfect for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

When you’re searching for stock images, you’ll need to choose between two different options; free stock image websites and premium stock image websites. Both premium and free stock image websites have advantages and disadvantages which you’ll need to take into consideration when you’re sourcing images for your business.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites

If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur who is running your online store with a relatively low budget, then it’s critical that you avoid unnecessary expenses. If you’re faced with the choice between spending some of your budget on stock images or growing your business with marketing campaigns, you’ll need to prioritize the latter.

Free stock photo sites offer a wide range of images and graphics which you can use without any charge– they’re invaluable for ecommerce entrepreneurs who are working with a tight budget. They don’t have a colossal library of images, like premium stock image websites do, but you’ll certainly be able to find high-quality, copyright free images which fit your ecommerce store’s design.

We’ve listed the top 7 free stock photo sites for ecommerce entrepreneurs below

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is another essential free stock image site for ecommerce entrepreneurs. The site is constantly updating its database, adding 10 royalty-free photographs every 10 days.

The images which you can find on the site are of the highest-quality and would fit into any part of an ecommerce store, or any marketing campaigns which you create.

The downside to Unsplash is that their search function is relatively limited, meaning that it can be difficult at times to find what you’re searching for.

2. Shopify Burst

Shopify Burst is a free stock image website that is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs. The website is clean, with a modern design, making it easy to find free high resolution images.

Shopify Burst’s best feature for ecommerce entrepreneurs is their ‘Business Ideas’ section. In this section, you’ll be able to view categories of images which are dedicated towards specific types of ecommerce stores, like yoga products, or enamel pins.

3. Pexels

Pexels offers a wealth of stock photos for free. These cover a wide spectrum of topics, so you’re sure to find something suitable for your business..

Pexels’  search function is what really makes it stand out from the crowd– it’s simple to use and has multiple useful parameters, which make it one of the easiest stock photography websites to use.

Pexels’ library of images contains plenty of aesthetically pleasing images, most of which are stunning landscape photos, so they could be ideal for the backdrop of your ecommerce store.

4. Gratisography

Gratisography is a free stock image website which was created by Ryan McGuire, an artist and designer.

This free stock image site has plenty of royalty-free images which were all taken by Ryan, so the images are truly unique. You can use the content from this website to make your online store stand out from the crowd.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs can also use Gratisography to find free stock images for commercial use.

5. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the most successful premium stock image websites. Their image library boasts millions of royalty free stock photos, illustrations, and graphics. They’re constantly working to ensure that their library is filled with the highest quality content possible.

Every day, Shutterstock adds ten thousand new high-resolution images, which means that you’ll be spoilt for choice if you use this platform. Shutterstock’s images can be expensive if you purchase them individually, but they’re more affordable if you purchase any of their bundles.

6. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto is one of the longest running premium stock image sites. It was originally founded in 1999 and has been at the forefront of design ever since.

iStockPhoto has an intuitive search function which enables users to find images quickly and easily. Even if you aren’t technically proficient, you’ll be able to access iStockPhoto’s wealth of images, graphics, video, and audio.

This stock image website’s pricing plan is amongst the most expensive on this list, but you’ll be paying for high-quality images which you can use for your store. They also have a unique reverse search function, which enables you to check if any of the images you’re interested in have been used by other ecommerce businesses.

7. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia) has one of the largest libraries of content out of the premium stock image websites on our list. You’ll find millions of royalty-free images which you can gain access to for a relatively cheap price. The website has an intuitive design which is easy to navigate around.

Adobe Stock has also incorporated a ‘collections’ system into their website, which is great for ecommerce entrepreneurs. The collections which are available are named core, infinite, and instant. Their core and infinite collections include images which are tailored to desktop use, whereas their instant collection features images which are tailored to mobile users.

Summary: The 7 Best Websites to Source Stock Images in 2022

Now you know various different stock image websites, it’s time to nail the design of your ecommerce store. Remember, you aren’t limited to using just one of these stock images platforms, you should take advantage of all of them.You may also want to see Beginner guid on internet marketing, and how to create a landing page with WordPres



make money blogging

In order to make money blogging, you need to tie all your written content to an income source.

In order to make money blogging you need to tie all your written content to an income source, Passion drives most bloggers to share their experiences, expertise, and insider secrets on a topic. But passion alone won’t pay the bills.

There are several ways to monetize a blog, but all of them require some investment of time to get started. Those success stories about bloggers getting rich overnight? Not true. You’ll need to start a blog, find an audience, and drive traffic regularly before you can start blogging for money. The good news is that if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll reap the reward.

But how do you blog for money once you’ve got some traffic on your site? In this post, we’ll break down how to make money blogging whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blogger looking to find another income stream.

How do Bloggers Make Money?

Most bloggers start making money by offering services through their blogs. But after their traffic levels increase, they adopt methods like ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing to increase their blog income. The bloggers who are most successful leverage a diversified approach to monetizing their blogs.

6 Ways How to Make Money Blogging:

If you’re new to this whole blogging for money thing, Below, are 6 popular ways to make money blogging.

1. Dropshipping

If you want to make money selling products through your blog, adding an online store to your website can be a life-changer. You can list products that are relevant to your blog’s niche. Plus, you can use dropshipping to start selling items worldwide without needing to stock them.

The magic of dropshipping lies in your ability to sell products without having to buy bulk inventory – so you only buy what you’ve already sold. And with your website already set up, you can add hundreds of products (for free).

2. Create a T-Shirt Business

the best bet. However, if you want to create your own product instead of selling someone else’s, the t-shirt business model is a popular method that’ll help you make money blogging.

While t-shirt business sounds like it’s limited to just t-shirts, most t-shirt manufacturers have begun to expand their product lines to allow you to create print on demand leggings, dresses, bodysuits, hats, backpacks, phone cases, canvases, pillows, and this list can still go a heck of a lot longer.

By searching for print on demand companies, you’ll find a range of vendors that allow you to add your own text and designs to products. Like the dropshipping model, you only pay for products that have been ordered by your customers. And so after your design is complete, you can literally start selling your own t-shirt the same day.

3. Online Courses

Another way to make money blogging is by creating and selling online courses. If you prefer creating content as a money-making strategy but don’t like writing, this might be a good alternative for you.

You can choose to sell your online course on your website or through an online course platform like Udemy. By hosting it on Udemy, you gain access to potential new buyers but are restricted by Udemy’s Terms of Service. However, if you host on your own, you’ll need to heavily promote your course or have a sizable audience to make money.

You can also take a look at other courses in your niche, either free or paid, to compile the best content and minimize the weaknesses of competitors. So be sure to look at competitor course reviews to help you determine what kind of content people really want to see in a course.

4. Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common ways bloggers make money is with affiliate marketing. Once accepted into an affiliate program, you can earn commissions each time someone buys from your affiliate link.

Some bloggers choose to create listicles with affiliate links throughout. For example, “10 Best Amazon Products for Your Wedding” with Amazon affiliate links added throughout. Others choose to create articles with several different affiliate programs such as “10 Best Ecommerce Platforms” with links to several different competing programs so that readers feel like they have more options.

The only downside to monetizing with affiliate marketing is that you’re only paid commissions and prices are outside your control. You’ll never make as much as a blogger with an online store who also has the luxury of setting his or her own prices.

5. Brand Partnerships

You can also make money blogging through brand partnerships. Some may directly compensate you or offer you an affiliate link. Others, while not paid, may help elevate your exposure to a greater audience, which helps you gain more visibility and gain new opportunities.

When it comes to brand partnerships, the effort will come from your side while starting out. So don’t be afraid to network with other bloggers in your area to find out what opportunities you might also be able to jump on. And you can also reach out to brands yourself to let them know you have an existing audience and are available for any opportunities they may have.

6. Ebooks

Want to know how bloggers actually make money? Well, if you’re an expert on a topic, ebooks tend to be a popular route for many bloggers.

When it comes to writing an ebook, you don’t necessarily need to create it on a topic from scratch. To save time, you could always take the most popular blog topics and order them in a way that makes sense. Most blog readers don’t have time to dig through every blog post. So don’t be afraid to take the content you’ve already created and repurpose it into a different method.


So now you know how blogs make money. And there’s still a lot more you can do – like adding ads to your website, selling services, using your blog to book speaking gigs, and much more.

Whether you experiment with one of these ideas or a combination of them, you’ll improve your chances of turning your blog into a money machine. It’s time to turn a profit with your passion. You may also want to see how to start a blog, and how to publish a website

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Blogging,blog concepts ideas with white worktable

How to start a blog in 2022? Good idea. Blogging is an effective tool for ecommerce merchants, the more reason many of them want to learn how to start a blog in 2022. 

Blogging can help bring in traffic and sales for your business,a blog will increase inbound links by 97 percent. 

But the benefits of blogging go beyond just SEO. Your blog is a powerful nurturing tool. When done well, it can build relationships and foster loyalty in your brand. And that’s everyone’s goal at the end of the day, right? 

Reason to start blogging in 2022.

Blogging can have tons of benefits for ecommerce businesses:

  • Good for SEO: More content around relevant keywords means more chances to rank and get backlinks.
  • Converts customers: Not every website visitor is ready to buy. Giving them a rich content experience builds more trust and pushes them closer to conversion.
  • Nurtures customer relationships: You can add to the customer experience by providing content with added value that helps them make the most of their purchase.
  • Builds brand awareness: If your content is shareable, users will put your brand in front of their networks.
  • Supports other marketing initiatives: As you grow your marketing efforts, content will play an important role – especially for channels like social media and email
  • Generates passive income: Some blogs even have auto-monetization opportunities, which can be a great way to earn passive income.

If you’re just getting started on creating a blog, it’s a good idea to first define your goals. What are you hoping to get out of your blog? This will inform your overall blogging strategy and ensure your efforts are cohesive and helpful for your business

How to create a Blog in 5 simple step

1.Choosing Your Blogging Platform

If you already have an ecommerce store set up, the easiest way to start a blog is to use your existing platform – it’s often just a matter of turning it “on.” This is one of the ways to start a blog for free (or at least at no additional cost). But if you don’t have an online store or it’s built on a platform that won’t support a blog, you’ll want to find a different tool. Some common platforms for brands that want to know how to make a blog include: 

    • WordPress
    • Blogger
    • Tumblr
    • Medium
    • Blogspot
    • LinkedIn

The steps for how to set up a blog depend on your chosen platform. Some require merely an account sign-up, and you’re ready to go. Others require more customization and choices as you go through the site builder. 

Generally speaking, you’ll want to host your own blog. It’s ideal if it’s at the same URL as your online store or at least a version of that URL. For example: or

Your website platform might dictate your URL structure.

2. Getting the Design Right

When it comes to your blog design, you want it to be cohesive with your existing ecommerce presence.Each platform has its own design and customization options. 

Generally speaking, you want your blog to be legible – this means plenty of white space as well as easy-to-read and simple font. Imagery is also important, especially if you’re a visual brand. In this case, make sure you have lots of room for large photos and big thumbnails. 

Note: If you’re starting a blog using wordpress, make sure to check out the following guide: How to customize your wordpress themes  you can enhance the user experience.

3. Knowing What to Blog About

Here’s the tough part: What the heck do you say on your blog? 

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The real answer is that it depends. It depends on your audience, your business goals, and your resources. 

When you’re first starting out, it’s a good idea to experiment with all kinds of content types and topics. This will allow you to see what content resonates with your target audience the most, which should guide your efforts moving forward.

Conduct keyword research, check forums in your niche, and look at customer support queries to find out what people are asking. This will help you hone in on themes. From there, you can build content ideas around answering those questions. Below are some specific ideas to get started with.

4. Creating Content

You get the idea, so now let’s bring it to fruition. Writing isn’t easy for everyone – especially when you’re juggling a million other things to keep a business running. It’s easy to let blogging fall to the bottom of your priority list. 

But there are a few ways you can create content: 

  • Do it yourself: If you have the time and skills to do it, create your own content. This is the most cost-effective option but also the most difficult to commit to on a consistent, long-term basis. 
  • Delegate it to your team: If you have employee(s), consider adding this as a responsibility. It’s well-suited for whoever’s in charge of your social media and email marketing. This can also be challenging to commit to on an ongoing basis, and could take time away from other duties. 
  • Outsource: Outsourcing is the most costly option but also the most realistic one for many businesses, at least from a time and bandwidth standpoint. There are many outsourcing options depending on your budget. Just remember, you get what you pay for! 

Don’t forget about imagery, too. If you don’t have graphic design or photography skills, there are tons of resources online that fit every budget. You can hire a professional to do it for you, or source your own images.

5. Publishing and Distributing Content

Today’s most successful blogs also have a promotion and distribution strategy. Your blog, social media, and email marketing should be closely integrated. The blog content will fuel your social and email efforts and give you somewhere to direct users. 

Posting the content isn’t enough

Throw a Facebook pixel onto your blog pages, too. This way, you can retarget users who’ve engaged with your content but haven’t made a purchase. Over time, you can warm these leads and drive them to conversion.

There are also paid options to get your blog content out there. Check out tools like Outbrain and Taboola to see what works within your parameters. 

How to Start a Successful Blog That Brings In The Money

Want to learn how to make a successful blog that generates income? Back when blogging first started, revenue mostly came in from selling ad space. And while this is still a viable way to generate a bit of passive income, the real ROI for dropshippers comes in when you’re intentional, strategic, and committed. 

Blogging is a long game – it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not even a get-a-ton-of-readers-quick scheme. Over time, you’ll gain traction and learn more about your blog’s performance, so you can tweak as needed.

Making money from your blog as an ecommerce seller starts with putting your audience first. The most successful brands take a customer-centric approach, and that trickles down to your blog, too.

That being said, promoting your products isn’t the only way to make money blogging. There are other options: 

  • Sponsored content: Once you’ve built up a regular readership, you can charge other companies to publish content on your blog. This will typically include links back to their site. 
  • Digital ads: Sign up for an ad-hosting platform like Google AdSense. You’ll host ads on your blog and earn money for the traffic sent to those ads. Just be weary of creating an ad-heavy, spammy experience – customers come first! 
  • Affiliate marketing: Like the two options above, affiliate marketing works best when you have a steady stream of traffic coming to your blog. In affiliate marketing, you’ll promote other products/services in your blog posts and earn a percentage of revenue for every conversion sent from your site.


Every blog is different, but there are some universal truths: Put your audience first, be prepared to invest in the long game, and don’t forget to review your analytics to see what’s working. 

To have the best chance at making money from your blog, plan strategically. Choose a platform that will integrate seamlessly with your ecommerce presence, create a design that invites user engagement, create content your audience will care about, and put it in front of the right people. 

Monetizing your blog as a dropshipper comes down to putting your audience first. Remember, it’s not the place for a hard sell. This is where you build and nurture customer relationships that will lead to conversions and brand loyalty in the long run.

I hope this article helped you learn how to add ebook downloads in WordPress. You may also want to see of Beginner guid on internet marketing, and how to create a landing page with WordPres

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What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing (also known as online marketing, digital marketing, emailmarketing, or web marketing,) is an all-inclusive term used to describe marketing activities conducted online. For this reason, internet marketing encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactics, such as social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click, and search engine optimization.

The five internet marketing we will be talking about are

  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of acquiring attention and sales through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Now, social media marketing can be split into two camps: organic (free) or paid.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing focuses on building a community and deepening relationships with consumers in an effort to induce interest and customer loyalty.

There are countless ways to do this – let’s take a look at a few.

First, you can position your brand as an authority in your niche. An easy way to do this is to engage other people and contribute valuable insights to conversations.

There are tons of ways to use paid social media marketing to promote your business, and each platform has its own suite of paid promotional options.

Take Facebook.

You can pay to promote your existing organic posts or create a dedicated Facebook ad tailored to your marketing objectives.

Most paid social media marketing is also referred to as “pay-per-click”.

2. Influencer Marketing

First thing’s first: What exactly is an influencer?

An influencer is someone with a relatively large online following, including: Mainstream celebrities 

Influencer marketing is the process of working with influencers to promote a product or service to their online following.

Let’s look at an example from Vital Proteins.

This food supplement brand partners with influencers to reach their target audience of young, fashionable, health-conscious women.

Before internet marketing, influencer marketing was only available to large brands who could afford to work with big-name celebrities.

But now, everyone can engage in influencer marketing.

In fact, found that on average, micro-influencers with 2,000 to 100,000 followers charge between $50 and $258 per instagram post.

with the survay conducted its observed that Micro-influencers actually perform better than big-name celebrities.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is essentially just online referral marketing.

A business will set up a program that pays commissions to external websites or individuals for the traffic or sales they generate.

This allows internet marketers and influencers to earn money promoting another business’s products or services.

Let’s look at an example.

Website host and domain registrar Bluehost have a popular affiliate marketing program that allows influencers and internet marketers to make money by promoting their services.

The popular blog, wpbeginner, promote their Bluehost affiliate link in their articles.

Each time one of their readers clicks the link and signs up, Bluehost give The wpbeginner a cut of the action.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of using email to send direct marketing messages to people in an effort to gain new customers and retain existing ones.

Although email marketing might not seem like the most glamorous form of internet marketing, don’t underestimate its raw power.


Email marketing has a median return on investment of 122 percent – over four times higher than other types of internet marketing like social media and paid search.

Okay, so how does email marketing work?

Well, before you can begin email marketing, you’ve got to get your hands on some email addresses!

For this reason, email marketing nearly always works in partnership with other types of internet marketing like social media marketing and content marketing. In fact, just look to the right-hand side of this page, you’ll see a box inviting you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Email marketing campaigns will often start with something called a “lead magnet”

Now, this is when the fun starts.

After capturing email addresses, you can begin to nurture your email subscribers with useful content, giveaways, discounts, early access to new products, and more.

You can also boost sales using email segmentation.

This is when you create separate groups of subscribers (called “segments”) based on their personal preferences and what stage each subscriber is at in the buyer’s journey.

Then, you can create automated email campaigns for each segment, that:

  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Follow up abandoned carts
  • Follow up with new customers to land repeat sales
  • Ask happy customers for a review
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers
  • Gather valuable feedback from existing customers
  • And more!

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of consistently creating, distributing, and promoting relevant online materials in a way that’s strategically designed to attract, engage, and convert your target market into customers.

There are countless forms of content that businesses use to do this, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos (that are often shared to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube)
  • Industry reports and studies
  • Infographics summarizing reports and studies
  • Ebooks
  • Podcasts
  • Case studies
  • Emails
  • Webinars

This article that you’re reading is content marketing!

Content marketing works closely with many other types of internet marketing – especially social media marketing and SEO.

As we saw above, social media is one of the main channels used to distribute and promote content.

Search engine optimized content is one of the best ways to get your brand higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The key to content marketing is all about giving before you get.

I hope this article helped you learn more. You may also want to see this  social media marketing for beginners, and how to create a landing page with WordPress.